Can a letter help you qualify for more aid?!

Find out how today at 1:00 PM @College_Access_Philly for our Money Monday IG LIVE with Ms. Landrine from Bartram as she shares a strategy and new tool that may help you qualify for more Financial Aid.

You've completed your FAFSA & PHEAA, submitted your applications and have compared award letters with the help of your College Access/GearUP coordinator. Upon reviewing the award letter you recognize that your EFC and gap do not reflect you or your family's current financial circumstances. There are a multitude of reasons you can appeal your financial aid package. One of the main factors for most students is because of their family income. This could mean that your family really needs more financial aid to help you attend the institution of your choice because of circumstances that were not able to be captured or reflected by FAFSA. If this applies to you, you may benefit from submitting a Financial Aid Appeal Letter.

The appeal process will vary by school therefore it is very important that you communicate with your College Access/GearUP coordinator prior to beginning the process. Some schools may have specific forms or a person within the financial aid department that you must contact whereas other schools may allow you to submit a letter detailing your special circumstances.

In light of the current pandemic and to help students through the appeal process a new online resource is available for your use. SwiftStudent is a free, digital resource that provides financial aid appeal letter templates for students. Along with your College Access/GearUP coordinator you can utilize this tool to learn about the financial aid appeal process, review eligibility requirements for making an appeal, and customize a financial aid appeal to start the conversation with your college financial aid office.

In our presentation you will learn more about the appeal process, how to use SwiftStudent, and the components of an appeal letter. Click here to video the power point in its entirety.

It is important to note that your appeal may not be granted. However, it is may be advantageous to try.

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