Am I "eligible"?: Breaking down the component parts of a scholarship application

As soon as you start applying for financial aid and scholarships, you'll notice the words "eligible" and "eligibility" everywhere! In general, to be "eligible" means being qualified to be chosen or to participate in something. Think of a college athlete who becomes "eligible" for their sport's professional draft. In the world of scholarships, "eligible" means that you possess the characteristics of someone who could be selected for money!

Need some examples? Let's take a look at the Philadelphia Foundation's scholarship web page to sort through different scholarships and determine if you're eligible! Click here for a short tutorial on YouTube.

Before you begin, it's a good idea to "check-in" with yourself. Have you completed the following checklist items?

All set to start applying? To search for open scholarships offered through the Philadelphia Foundation, click here! Ask yourself, "Am I eligible?"!

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